Join us in this uplifting, challenging, affirming, superhero building, pragmatic, holistic, fun, healing, vibrancy-building, whole-life integrating, creativity fueled, experiential, self-discovery journey! 


We are focusing our reunion program around several themes: 


Celebrating our growing community!


Mining the Gold of Major Transitions - we will dive into strategies for choosing between our good, better and best opportunities … personally, professionally and philanthropically!


Collective Action - Do you have a big idea for a significant positive impact on people and the planet?  We are incentivizing our tribe to create solutions together none could reach separately. Join us in an innovative workshop designed to inspire and co-create new ideas that make a positive difference.  We encourage ideas of all shapes and sizes… from seed stage to scaled up and ready for a booster rocket! So come prepared to pitch, brainstorm, and collaborate as we "Dare To Play Large!"



This intimate gathering for four days with Alexander Grashow & Amber Kelleher-Andrews in this special environment is with a select group of guests, who like you, are committed to building a vibrant love life full of meaning and impact.  This uplifting retreat of renewal and reflection is strategically designed to connect you to your life’s purpose, passion, and full vibrant self.


At times challenging, always uplifting, this unique workshop shares an uncompromising mix of truth and grace to achieve extraordinary results.


Discover how to engage your best self in creating the most abundant life possible filled with love and opportunity. 

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Join Us and Leverage your Influence as a Force for Good